ヘルプをご覧になっても問題が解決しない場合は、下記をご記入の上お問い合わせください。会員の方はログイン後にお問い合わせください。If you cannot solve your problem after reading the FAQ, please fill in the following information and contact us.

カスタマーサポート営業時間Customer support hours

平日 11:00~17:00(土日祝日を除く)Weekdays: 11:00 AM–5:00PM (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

After you have made your inquiry, please be sure to verify in your settings that you are able to receive email replies to your inquiry from the domain 「fc.izone-official.com」.
We may require a few days to a week or so to reply.
Our reply may be delayed or we may not be able to reply should your contact information or the content of your inquiry not be entered correctly.


  • ファンクラブに関する内容以外のお問い合わせ
  • ライブのチケット先行、発券、座席等に関するお問い合わせ
  • メンバーのアーティスト活動、プライベート等に関するお問い合わせ
Please note that we will not reply or answer to any of the following:
- Inquiries regarding matters unrelated to the fan club.
- Inquiries regarding tickets to live shows, ticketing, seating, etc.
- Inquiries regarding artistic activities of group members, private matters, etc.